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Friday Street, Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 0AA

Underground Sai

Way back in the early 60's, when the Beatles were asking us to love their 'do', a company called Sound Advice Installations, based in the quaint little fishing village of Coppull, Lancashire, was born. SAI was started by two ex TV engineers, Mick Atherton and Bob Dewhurst, and from humble beginnings became one of the biggest manaufacturers of speaker cabinets and sound equipment in the UK.

Mick had been building amplifiers as a schoolboy, and in the beginning was responsible for the design and build of a range of valve amplifiers which were widely used and acclaimed by many of the local bands of the period.

Who knows where the Beatles would have been today if they'd had SAI amps instead of having to put up with those Vox AC 30's!


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